China social media marketing is a totally different platform, instead of using Facebook, they use Weibo, WeChat, etc. Weibo is a microblogging site that is commonly referred to as the Chinese Twitter, with 500 million registered users and 18 daily visits by active users; while WeChat has 1.1 billion registered accounts and 8.5 million public accounts. By setting your brand on the platforms of Weibo and Wechat, your brand will exposed to the largest market in the world with a population of 1.38 billion.

Why China social media marketing is important?

  • China market is too big to ignore
  • There are 688 million internet users in China
  • Chinese rely heavily on social to discover and research brands

How we can help 

  • Set up your weibo & wechat account
  • Posting & updates
  • Communicate with your fans
  • Grow you fans & followers
  • Help launch and run your campaign
  • Tracking and statistics overview
  • KOL (key opinion leader) marketing and Celebrity endorsements